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Walks in all weathers

There is real pleasure to be had in walking dogs in all of the seasons and seeing them enjoy  the different types of weather we experience in England; be it a sunny farm walk, a windy beach walk, a snowy woodland walk or a lovely muddy puddle walk - your dog (like ours) probably loves them all!


On the days they come home wet, cold and muddy (which as we all know is plenty in the UK!) it is important for all of our dogs to have the ability to warm up and dry off straight afterwards. There are very few of us who want muddy dogs (and the accompanying wet dog odour!) in our 'human cottages' as soon as we return home but, with one of our heated dog cottages, your dog can retire to their own cosy home to warm up and dry off under their infrared heat lamp before they join you for quality time inside.


When any of us return from exercise on a cold or wet day we can experience an uncomfortable stiffening of the joints (from the muscles around them) that can even, in some cases, cause real pain. This is particularly true, of course, for dogs (and humans) with arthritis. The infrared heat source is perfect for ensuring your dog is warm, comfortable and totally looked after.



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